Blood Pressure Monitor Ambulatory BR-102 Plus

Blood Pressure Monitor Ambulatory BR-102 Plus
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The BR-102 plus is clinically validated and meets all four internationally recognized standards:

·         British Hypertension Society (BHS)

·         European Society of Hypertension International Protocol (ESH)

·         Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI) SP10

·         Recommended by dabl® Educa­tional Trust

Features and Benefits

·         Light and compact design.

·         Motion-tolerant technology reduces re-inflates and failed readings.

·         Dynamic inflation to 30 mmHg above the previous systolic measurement reduces measurement time.

·         Built-in pump, and thus almost silent

·         SD card memory eliminates the risk of lost data and re-tests.

·         Five cuff sizes, from the pediatric to the XL adult size, guarantee optimal measurement accuracy and maximum comfort

·         DARWIN ABPM is a user-friendly, Windows®-based program that allows maximum fl exibility for confi guration, analysis, interpretation and ABPM reporting. Comprehensive and professional reports can be generated in no time (Optional

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