Hot & Cold Therapy

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Microwave for a heat pack and put in the freezer for a cold pack. Packs do not freeze hard but remai..
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ThermiPaq is filled with all natural clay based materials that is 4 times more effective than gels. ..
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Ice bag is 100% rubber sheeting with an adjustable neoprene wrap idea for cold theraphy compression ..
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Ice It. cold packs have a non-toxic fill that freezes fast, retains cold longer and stays flexible w..
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Large bag measures 6"x8 1/4". Remains cold approximately 30 minutes. Has long shelf life. Made for o..
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Effective cold therapy regarless of body area or shape. Filled with non-toxic, silica gel that remai..
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Durable, vinyl shell. Non-toxic proprietary gel. Remains soft and pliable while frozen to treat most..
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The unique design provides mild compression for warmth, to help increase circulation and promote hea..
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Provides up to 30 minutes of deep, soothing, mosit heat. Cost effective and provides hundreds of tre..
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Penetrating, doctor-recommended moist heat therapy, just by pressing the switch. You control the hea..
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Hands-free on/off Switch with 20-minute timer to prevent accidents. Simply press th "on" button for ..
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Light compression and warmth provides therapeutic therapy to reduce pain and swelling. Neoprene mate..
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UV lamp (800 Watt). 15 minute auto shut-off timer dial. 73% UVA / 26% UVB ..
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6-9lb paraffin capacity. Hospital grade paraffin warmer with lid, grill and guide. Inside unit dimen..
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6lb unit with oversized tank accomodates a man's size 12 1/2 foot; use for hand and wrist, foot and ..
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